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Default Unrecognized Toshiba External HD


Could someone please help me?

I have an 80GB Toshiba external hard drive (though on the box it's written as Toshiba Mobile Hard Drive, hope it's the same since I did ask for external HD)

I had it now for 4 months and was working just fine, but now it stoped working I usually transfer files from my laptop to my computer, so when I need it to do so today, I unplugged the mouse cable (had a usb-hub before but the HD wont recognize it, yet another problem) and plugged the HD usb cable, a red light was one and that was it, I couldn't see the green light on, nor the folder popping-up, the HD drive wasn't recognized in my computer either, I restarted my laptop twice and shut it down once still not working, so I tried connecting it into my computer this time and it also stoped working there.

Bottomline the HD stoped working on both my laptop and computer.

I googled around and it seems that by uninstalling the device driver will do the trick, the thing is I dunno which one I should remove, I kept looking for one that has the name Toshiba in it but with no luck, I did this while having the HD unplugged because when I plugged so that I can atleast see it's name in device manger, system manger won't open at all, I viewied the hidden devices, changed the usb ports, still nothing worked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: LapTop = Windows XP SP 2 - Computer = Windows XP SP 1

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