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Default Windows 8 recovery Image

Hi...I installed windows 8 on grandson's laptop which only had ONE PARTITION ....."C:/" !.
After windows was up and running as I wanted it, I used the windows 8 facility, shrunk the HD (C: drive) and made a new partition to image my now working operating system.
This went ok. I then made a bootable recover usb.
I thought I'd test my back up so I booted from the USB stick and tried to recover / restore using the image I'd just made.
I got a message saying this was not possible as image holding partition was different from the target partition?
i.e. one was BIOS and the other EFI ????
What have I done wrong and how can I get round this please?
Grandson is constantly clogging his HD with crap on the internet and I need a quick way of re imaging his laptop for him.

Thank You.
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