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Default Find Out the Best RipIt Alternative on Mac to Rip DVD on Mac Computer

What Does RipIt Offer to US
DVD can be outrageously annoying to carry around during travel or vacation. It is easily scratched, broken or got lost as the time passing by. In this case, many DVD rippers are mushrooming in the market, among which RipIt surely leaves you deep impression for its simplicity and fast speed, allowing you to rip DVD on your Mac so that you can watch it at any time anywhere without the need to carry around discs.
RipIt: Still Far From Perfect
Needless to say, the performance of RipIt is nothing short of stunning. However, there are still some drawbacks that you will encounter when using this DVD ripper for Mac, in case you intend to rip DVD for viewing on portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. other than your Mac computer or get your DVD movies off from your newly upgraded system Mac OS X Lion. If you are a RipIt user, you definitely know that this Mac DVD ripper only plays a role of ripping DVD on your Mac computer instead of offering options to convert DVD to iPhone, iPad, HTC compatible format. What’s worse, this program does not work if you are now using Mac OS X Lion system. In this case, are you searching for RipIt alternative Mac? Do you want to use RipIt lion alternative to put DVD movies you like on your Mac OS X Lion?
RipIt Alternative Mac: Killing Birds with One Stone
In fact, it is unnecessary for you to worry about these problems at all as long as you own this powerful and easy MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which is critically acclaimed for its simplicity, wide range of features and fast ripping speed. This alternative to RipIt also takes the upper hand against RipIt as it constantly upgrades to support the Mac Mountain Lion and new iOS 6, helping you easily rip DVD for playback DVD on iOS 6 based devices like iPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS, iPad iPad 2 iPad 3, iPod Touch 3G 4G.

1. Download and run this DVD ripper for Mac, click "DVD Disc" or "DVD Path" button to import the DVD on your Mac Lion.
2. Select the output format as you want. With this RipIt alternative Mac, you can not only backup DVD on your Mac computer with original video quality and original 5.1 channels Dolby AC3 DTS audio, but also rip DVD to MP4, MOV, FLV, etc for playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod device.
3. Specify output folder on your computer to save the output files. Click the "Browse" button to choose the path where you want to save the output files in.
4. Click the "Start" button to start ripping DVD with the RipIt lion alternative. You can view the backup progress and are able to cancel it at anytime.
Note: This alternative to RipIt has been updated to easily rip DVD on Mac, including the newest version Mountain Lion.