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Originally Posted by ajay2007
hi, I have a HP dv6365us laptop with a matshita dvd-ram uj-851s and lately when i burn data cds with any software I get immediate crash errors. I have tried nero, windows built in, ONES, power iso, magic iso. it seems to start writing
until about 6-7% then crashes. It writes to DVD ok however. I have tried different brand cdrs with the same problem. Just then I got one cdr to go to 80% then 'invalid block size for command'. The following is a log from nero. I cant find drivers to update. Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated. The laptop is 4 weeks old and did burn cds in the early stages.
Same Laptop, Same Problem !!!
I also try to find drivers or firmware for MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-851S but........ same story......... NOTHING !!! When call in HP they only waste my time and said that this device have waranty 7 days count from day of buying and maybe i'm pushing the DVD door too much and also tell me ......... Give us your telephone number and we call you when find any drivers for MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-851S because that device was made april 2007 and for "The ricemen" from Panasonic was too hard to write software for they "Brand New Product"
Please guys, any information must be helpfull !!!
Thanks !!!