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[i]Originally posted by the conductor [/i]
[B]That is not so in my case - guess it all depends on what printer you have and what application you are printing. I do high presentation work mainly and have yet to find a compatible that is as good as the original.
Let's take an example - I currently have the Epson C80 on the bench:

Eurojet price for any colour compatible- £ 5-99
Inkraider any colour compatible - £4-49
Eurojet for Epson Original triple pack £28-99
Inkraider for Epson Original triple pack £25-95

Admittedly there is a £1-41 delivery charge but when I use this option, the parcel still arrives the next morning, even when I have ordered late afternoon! So, as I said it all depends on what printer. Im not argueing that one company is better than the other, just in my case this is not so. My experiences with compatibles so far have not been good - inconsistent quantities in the cartridges, spluttering on high density printing, one or more inks not appearing to "soak in" to the paper as much as the others leaving a raised amount on the printout. But dont get me wrong - I havent tried Colourjet, I may do on a secondary printer to try them out. Personally, as my presentation has to be consistantly good, I would prefer to stick with the originals for just a couple of pounds more. I suppose if it was for the kids then yes, it makes sense.
Cheers [/B]
I agree entirely, a case of each to their own :-)