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ive made this alittle bit easier

first download "" from


login: cogswaploader
pass: wtfever

once logged in find the files (if you cant do this your hopeless, just click on the [url]********[/url] after logging in)

there is also the original files for the cogswaploader and the exploit installer....but you just want "" for these instructions, its 160KB (biggest file).

1. create a directory on C: named cogswap, and extract the .zip files to this directory C:\cogswap\

2. open the _titles.txt and put your game title id in it and save the file (there is 1 example in it. the title ID comes from the SYSTEM.CNF of a orginal ps1 game).

3. now just click the "_RUNTHIS.BAT" and cdgen will open, just click the IMG icon and burn the image with cdrwin at 4x. if you dont see any files in the cd compiliation in cdgen refer to the "_result.jpg" on how to setup the image. Also, you could try loading the "cogswap.ps2" file through cdgen, but if the files are not in the right directory (C:\cogswap\) you will have to rebuild it...very simple to rebuild it..very.

there is a "_result.jpg" too incase you want to know what files should be in the image and how they should be lined up as far as the lba. NOTE: TITLE.DB should be the highest LBA number. The only file that goes in the "FILES" directory is the BOOT.ELF

after that just boot this cdr which ever way you do normally (ie. ar2/gs2/swap magic/etc..)

after that put in your orginal ps1 game you took the title id from and reset the ps2, it will boot to cogswap screen.

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