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Another good DVD Editing Tool for sharing!

"Xilisoft DVD Creator is a powerful DVD Burning Software which provides an easy and fast way to convert popular video formats such as MPEG, DivX, WMV, XviD, DV, VOB, AVI to DVD and burn DVD movie played on portable or home DVD player. Here is a step-by-step guide to tell you how to burn AVI files to DVD, convert WMV to DVD, transformer XviD, DivX, MPEG to DVD using Xilisoft DVD Creator!
Insert a DVD+R (DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW)
Load files

Run the DVD Creator and load the files you want to convert by clicking ""Add Video Files"" option under the ""File"" menu. Or you can click the ""Add Video Files"" button in the main interface.


Display loaded file and set parameters
After the video file has been loaded, it can be displayed in the main interface and you can set the relevant parameters according to your needs.


Tips: You can customize the output aspect resize method by selecting the file's title and clicking the ""Resize Method"" combo-box, and then you will find 3 choices for you to set it at will.
There are 3 choices for you:
Letterbox: add black stripes to fit the output aspect ratio
Pan and Scan: crop frame to fit the output aspect ratio.
Full Screen: stretch and compress frame to fit the output aspect ratio.

Make DVD menu, Background music and picture (Optional)
You can choose the DVD menu that the software provides at will by clicking the ""Template"" button at the right of the interface. And the selected DVD menu will be displayed in the right area.

Additionally, you can edit the DVD menu by yourself that you are interested in using the picture and music in your computer. Please click the ""Edit"" button besides ""Template"" and set the related information in the pop-up window, such as selecting the check box before ""Background Music"" or ""Background Picture"", and adding related picture or music file from your computer etc.

Choose Destination
Click the ""Destination"" combo-box to choose the form of the output file. You can choose to make DVD disc directly, or you can choose to save DVD folder or ISO files in your computer for backup.

Start to burn
You can start to burn the video file by clicking ""Start Burn"" button. Or you can click ""start burn"" button in the main interface.

Tips: you can set the modes of the output file as ""NTSC"" or ""PAL""; by click the ""Preferences"" item under the ""Tools"" Menu before burning.