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As both my friends around me and I have experienced---working on a Mac still have problems importing TOD-files from JVC-cameras to iMovie. It doesn't work with iMovie. And there are still a lot of people working with iMovie or who are not able to buy the pretty expensive Final Cut Pro-edition. Obviously, this is an often discussed question, so, is there a solid solution to [img]***********[/img]import TOD into iMovie?

Some of you might have tried to use the freeware like Handbrake, but the results are mostly unsatisfactory, you will notice just how much the quality can be reduced even you use to convert the files by using the best possible quality-settings. How terrible, editing a "bad" conversion of a much better original file.

Others may run into problems with time and space when converting the files from the JVC Everio to iMovie. The biggest problem with the freeware is that it takes hours to convert a single 10 minute video. After the conversion the converted file is approximately 6-10x larger than the original file. You can probably covert like 4 videos and then you will be out of disk space.

Until now, I couldn't find any other good possibility than converting the TOD-files into DV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 or MOV first by using Video Converter for Mac. I have been doing my research and what I have found out is that video converter for Mac can not only provides you a perfect solution to [img]***********[/img]imports TOD to iMovie, but also it’s capacity to keep original quality, take the least time and convert very fast. Almost all video and audio files can be supported to import and export.

Step 1: Download and install video converter for Mac
The program supports running on both PowerPC and Intel Processor. Please choose one that suitable for you Apple Mac; you will finally install the Video converter. app to your Application Folder.

Step 2: Load .tod video files into Video Converter for Mac
Hit Add Files opens a window where you can select TOD video to load. The program not only supports batch mode, but also supports almost all video/audio formats, you will see how easy it is to use to convert video from one format to another.

Step 3: Choose output Formats
a. If you need to import TOD to iMovie, you are supposed to select DV, MPEG-4, and MPEG-2 as the output format which would be acceptable by iMovie.

b. Set Output Directories
You can instruct the program to store the converted video in a desired location. You can choose the location in the drop down list next to Destination. Tip: click Open tab will allow you to open the converted video directly.

Step 4: Convert video
Hit Convert…button, the program will begin to convert TOD to DV, MPEG-4 or MPEG-2. You will be able to import the DV, MPEG-4 directly to iMovie.