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have u got broadband? If so, do u have a usb modem? if so, you need to get rid of that for a start.

You'll need a wireless broadband mode/router, which is quite expensive or u could get a broadband ethernet modem, and then get a wireless broadband router, this is what I have. Obviously then u need a wireless pci card in each pc, although u can use a usb on, but pci is what i prefer.

heres what I recommend:

*********** duct_uid=35433


*********** duct_uid=51436

you will also need a microfilter for every phone socket in ur house.

This is basically what I have, oh and I went for a D-Link PCI wireless network card. Its basically all you need, if you get ADSL anyway, I dont know anything about cable modems, but im sure its pretty similar.

remember to get some network cable aswell, just incase you need it, depends on how u set it all up really.