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[i]Originally posted by cyberherzig [/i]
[B]the cue file is just a texte file which tells the pc apps which format the bin is encoded with!
Toast recognize the format if you drop the .bin file!
so select disk image in other and drop the .bin file
If this is true then why do a .bin file (805 MB) render an unusable disc that looks ok, BUT if the*cue file* is clicked when on harddrive and set to be opened by VLC by default, then the movie will open from the drive AND play? A corrupted file won't play, right? SO the file is OK and should be able to burn.

How did I burn?

I choosed "Disc Image" in Toast 5 and dropped the bin onto Toast, burnt the 805 MB file on a 700 MB disc (hmmm) and it burnt AND verified correctly. However the disc won't play in VLC 0.52, MacVCD 4.1.6 or Mplayer OS X 1.1 (not sure of that is supposed to able to read VCDs).

I CANNOT burn with ISO 9660 or Toast VCD with this file as Toast will ask for an 800 MB disc! How can I tell if the content actually need this? If so, how can the bin image burn and verify if burnt as Toast disc image. It doesn't make sense to me.

I think it's nothing strange that the file is bigger than the CD, as it may contain surface descriptions, that is superfluous once the VCD have been burnt.