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Question How to corrupt the toc in dvd's?

Hi. I'm trying to find a way to change the toc of a dvd iso to appear smaller than the original size (sort of 'little' copy protection, except for the famous plexwriters that can copy anything ). I know this can be done for CD's by changing in the [Entry 2] part of a ccd file (made by clonecd of course) which says Pmin, Psec and PFrame, to something short like Pmin=0, PSec=30 and PFrame=0 (only 30 seconds of data). But for DVDs I don't know how can this be done. I've trying these ways:

* In a mdf/mds image created by Alcohol 120% y changed two values with an hex editor which match the iso size (which is 611776 sectors) reported by DVDDecrypter with an Hex Editor. When burning with Alcohol, after changing changing both (to 200000 sectors) i opened the image (the mds) with Alcohol and reported only the visible size that i want to make appear, and only burned that space (200000 sectors) .
* I also tried changing only the first value in the mds with an hex editor, and when opening it with Alcohol, it reported the original size, but when burned, the burned dvd (which is a DVD+RW) says the size is the whole DVD (2295104 sectors) . They appear near the last bytes of the mds.
* I tried both of these ways but burning with BlindWrite, with the same results
* I also tried changing what i think is the toc, two values that match the original size of the iso, and changed them both and burnt it, but the size reported is 2295104 sectors . These values are located in the offset 0x8050 and 0x8055 in the iso for my case, one in little endian format and the other in big endian.

So the question is (which i know it has been asked but only for CDs) Is there any TOC editor for a DVD iso, some program that changes (or hides) the size of the iso, so when burned it reports a smaller size, or a trick to do this, like modfying a source code that burns dvd images, by any means?. I know that cactus data shield does something like that, but it only works with cd's , and i have read in many threads things like, "modifying the toc", but most of them are related with CD's. Of course it's not a PC readable DVD, just for ps2 .

Sorry if this has already been asked. I've searched a lot, but nothing that looks like it.

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