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I rest my case.

As you already know - I have no merchandise to show you as I am just a buyer (or market killing muppet as I believe you call us). Though when I can help somebody here, I invariably will - I have received much useful advice from members here during my time on these forums.
I merely made the dreadful mistake of telling you that I had multi DVDs from another source that I consider to be on a par with yours for quality. This after you posted that you were the ONLY person capable.
This time, I feel your comments are better suited to another forum and I felt the need to let our American (or Australian for that matter) colleagues know that not everybody shares your view that they need to be abused for their nationality - or for that matter their point of view.

Thank you for editing the abusive post above. Believe me, the abusive e-mails you sent me were more than ample to get your point across.

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