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Default Need help with new set up please. [Me; AMD & ASRock; winME]

I've just bought the components to assemble a computer. I've not done this before and would like a bit of help Please.
ASRock K7VT2 mobo
AMD Athlon 2200+
Hard drive & memory.
Looking in the mobo manual,I can't seem to see if I need to set any jumpers. There is a jumper to set the FSB, I have a choice between 100MHz and 133 MHz, which one should I choose?
Also the jumper on the new hard drive is set to CS. Do I need to change that to master or leave it as it is? I'll also have a Cd rom drive and a DVD burner in there.
I'm not in a great hurry with this, so other comments or helpful tips will be much appreciated.

Ps, I need to go get some new memory, it won't work with the stuff I bought, but it works with an old dimm.