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Exclamation CD/DVD not visible in My Computer, Device Manager, BIOS

Two days ago, while using Vista OS, a Message popped up from my System Tray; it read something like “Found New Hardware … Drive … installing Drivers … Your new hardware is now installed …”.
After that my CD/DVD Drive ceased to be recognized by the System—BIOS, Device Manager, My Computer et al.

My PC configuration is as under, please:-
I am using Intel D945 GCCR motherboard with Pentium 4 processor. The board, however, has only one slot for an IDE 80-way (or 40-way) data channel; per force, I am using a PCI card to connect to LG’s CD/DVD Reader/Writer (Make: LG).

I am using a Seagate 80GB PATA HDD with two partitions (format: NTFS)—for dual boot (Windows VistaSP1 and Windows XPSP2) [The latter is being used purely to enable retrieval of important documents IF Vista ever fails to boot].
Now even in XP the said CD/DVD Drive is not visible.

I checked the power and data cables. In fact, I interchanged these between my HDD and CD/DVD Drive—the HDD works fine; this shows that these cables and the PCI card are OK.

I used the same cables on a Samsung Combo Drive and on the (OEM) CD-ROM—none of these, too, were visible in ‘My Computer’.

Then I checked the following Key in the Vista’s Registry and took a screenshot of the same (which can be emailed to your goodself upon receipt of your Reply, please):


As suggested in this Tech Forum, I first exported the said Key to my Desktop and then deleted the REG_MULTI_SZ data type Lower Filters (the Registry has no Upper Filters) from the Registry. And re-booted the PC; yet the above issue has not been solved, please.