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Default How to convert MKV (Matroska) video on Mac OS?

How to convert MKV (Matroska) video on Mac OS?

[b]1. What’s MKV?[/b]
MKV is a container format developed by Matroska which is similar to AVI, MOV and MP4 that supports several types of video compression and video codec. Other fileformats from the Matroska Multimedia Container are .mka for audio filesand .mks for subtitles. This .MKV file format is most commonly used forHD files. Although, this type of file is commonly used, it is noteasily opened on your Mac or play on most of popular players.

[b]2. What media software could play MKV video on Mac?[/b]
Everyone Mac user knows that not every codec will play .mkv files. ForMac user, the most popular media players that support this file formatare VLC media player, MPlayer and Apple QuickTime Player with thePerian component installed.

VLC media player contains a decoder to decode the .mkv files. Itwill also play most of the formats you will find inside the .mkv file.But it still does not support is RealVideo. That is because RealVideois proprietary and you must have RealPlayer to play its files.

[b]3. Trouble shooting MKV files problems.[/b]
If you happen to download or have a file that has an .mkv extension and you just can’t play it, this advice should help you out: Make sure you have downloaded the latest codec pack. A codec pack is a collection of themost common and latest decoding drivers that will enable you to play avariety of multimedia extensions including .mkv files.

If you still can not play it successfully or just do not satisfied with your MKV video only played on your Mac, you can use Moyea [url=***********]MKV Converter for Macto convert kinds of MKV files to MP4, AVI, WMV, H.264/AVC, DivX, XviD,MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, VOB, SWF, OGG, WAV, MP3, etc. for Xbox 360,PSP, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, BlackBerry, Smartphones, PDAs, MP4Players, cell phones, Youtube, PowerPoint Presentation, PDF etc. Follow the steps and master how to use this MKV video converter.

[b]Step1. Download and install the program.[/b]

[b]Step2. Add MKV files,[/b] [b]set output format and destination file.[/b]
Click[b] [b]“Add”[/b][/b]to input MKV video files, then you can select format according to your demands by clicking the drop-down list of [b]“Format”[/b]. For example,[b] [/b]toplay on PSP, iPod, iPhone, you can select MP4, to play on Zune, Xbox360, you can select WMV, to play on Quicktime, you can choose MOV, etc.Then click[b] “Browse”[/b] to load the output files. If you want to join multiple files together to be a single file, you can check [b]“Merge into one file”.[/b]

[b]Step3: Set advanced setting.[/b]
When you want to adjust the parameter of your output file in order to get better quality or smaller size, you can click [b]“Settings” [/b][b]to do it, all these profile can be changed on your own will. [/b]

[b]Step4: Convert.[/b]
Now please click [b]“Convert”[/b],there will pop up an interface from where you could see the converting detail, if you want to know the time spent, time left, please focus onthe time elapse and time left function. If you want to know the something about size, please check generated size, estimated size.Another function, you are able to check shut down computer after conversion and have a rest.

[b]Optional Choice:[/b]
[b]1. Trim and crop video.[/b]
This converter has a powerful function of editing. You can [b]“trim”[/b] the video in order to convert the important clips by setting the start time and end time. You may choose[b] “Crop” [/b]toselect the screen what region you want to focus on by dragging the dashed line. For your iPod, iPhone or PSP etc has limited space, you could select the above two functions to get the smaller size and themost important part to convert.

[b]2. Effect and audio replace.[/b]
Then click [b]“Effect”[/b], you will have the choice of adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation to get better version. Choosing[b] “Audio replace”[/b]will let you add wanted audio to replace the original one. Or when you create a video and want to add background audio or music, this function will help you a lot. Only you need to do is to check [b]“Enable audio replace” [/b]and then add your audio from computer or website.

You could also choose Moyea [url=***********]video converter for Macto convert MKV to any other formats. The same way, on your own will.Just hope you will not be annoyed by MKV formats any more.