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Default Desperate refresh rate help with XP needed [; ; winXP]

Whenever I play games I get a nasty 'ripple' effect on screen unless I leave Vsync ON. I've been told that XP has a refresh rate problem that makes all games run at 60hz but I've tried a fix program for that and it made no difference. In disply settings I've set refresh rate to 85hz but still I get this rippling problem.
I've just bought a new gf4 ti4200 expecting that to solve the problem but it hasn't solved it at all. I want to see what my new card is capable of but with VSync on my fps are limited to around the 50 mark.
I thought maybe the problem ws to do with me using plug and play drvers for my monitor so I downloaded drivers for my ProView 769N 17inch but this hasn't done anything either!

I'm desperate for help here guys, am I missing something or do I need to adjust some settings?