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Default Is the Trojan gone

I was talking to a mate on yahoo chat and i got a message from a spammer and because this message became the active window i accidentally click on the link therein.
It took me to some page, and immediately NAV gave me a trojan warning, saying "Warning: Trojan - Action : cannot access file" or words to that effect. The spammer auto replied that i had been redirected to a trojan site.
In a panic i shut down all apps, cleaned out my IE history, temp internet files, cookies etc.. and disabled my LAN connection.( So did not see what file was infected)
I ran a full scan of NAV and it said no infected files.
I then downloaded Tauscan and did a full scan and it said no trojans were present.
My hard drive is partitioned into C: for Win XP and D: for linux.
I was using WinXP at the time it happened.
My question is....
Has the trojan gone? Or has it infected something in my linux partition and not shown up in the win xp partition?
I've just installed linux and not used it much, so not too familiar with it.
All help appreciated.