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Default Blue Ray Disc (The Next Format)

Here are two pictures of new prototype "Blue Ray" recorder/player and a Blue Ray disc containg over 5 films on it.


If you do not know, then I will tell you. DVD has now got a new replacement. It is called "Blue Ray", due to the colour of the laser.
Each disc will either be a 27gig single layered single sided disc or a dual layered single sided 50 gig disc.

Because the Blu-ray Disc utilizes global standard “MPEG-2 Transport Stream” compression technology highly compatible with digital broadcasting for video recording, a wide range of content can be recorded. It is possible for the Blu-ray Disc to record digital high definition broadcasting while maintaining high quality and other data simultaneously with video data if they are received together. In addition, the adoption of a unique ID written on a Blu-ray Disc realizes high quality copyright protection functions.

Blue Ray is suported by the following companies who have agreed on a single format unlike the different versions of recordable DVD.

Hitachi, Ltd.
LG Electronics Inc.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Pioneer Corporation
Royal Philips Electronics
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Thomson Multimedia

Hopefully it should be out late 2003 early 2004, start saving folks

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