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Default Sony ATRAC3 files...use on more than one CPU

I have a Sony NW-HD3 Network Walkman 20 Gb player, I am very pleased with it and have used it nearly every day since January!

My problem is that when I try to play the ATRAC encoded files on my laptop via the Soundstage software I receive an error message to the effect that the files were made on another machine (my desktop!) and so cannot be played on the laptop. The same applies to ATRAC Cds that I have made of various compilations.

This is obviously designed to prevent piracy but it has not been very well thought out as ATRAC players all accept files regardless of source and it is possible to copy/swap files directly from disc/HDD/player to other devices via any machine provided you do not want to listen via the copying machine.

Files encoded by either machine play properly on the NW-HD3 but the restriction makes it difficult to edit playlists etc. and will probably cause me trouble when I replace either machine.

Is there any way to make the software think it is dealing with the same machine each time?

How does the software determine which machine each file was created on?

The player can also play MP3 files and does not appear to have any problems with these.

Any help with or further info about this issue would be much appreciated.