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There is a lot of bad information here.
First, Some N64 emulation on Xbox is perfectly fine, it depends on the emulator you use, and the version of it you get.

If I am remembering correctly, the emu that I found to be most succesfull was Surreal. (If that is the one with 3 emus built in and the selector, I'd have to load up my system to check, and the wife is watching tv at the moment.)

Using Surreal, several games are completely playable for me, including Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario 64, and several other big titles. Granted, there are hundreds of games that have graphical flaws, run slowly, or not at all, but you cannot say across the board that the emus are worthless.

Now, as for why your games are not running off of the DVD.

First, there is no reason you would have to burn them to cdrw as mentioned above, your xbox can read dvds just fine.
I personally have mine on my hard drive, but you certainly do not have to, I run Mame completely from dvd, and I get the same performance I did when it was running of the Hd.

Since you are not installing this program the way it was intended,(on the hard drive), you probobly need to edit the emulators .ini file to point at the directory your rom files are stored in.
It is typically defaulted to a folder named ROMS, located wherever your emulator is installed, but if it was not programmed specifically to be run from a disk, it may well say like D:/ROMS or something, and need to be changed.

Also, someone said you need to create an xbox bootable disk (xbe), and this is entirely not true. While that may work, I would not suggest doing it that way. First of all, the emulator may be coded to run off the drive, who knows, you may suffer a performance hit that way. Second, It can be confusing to create a bootable if you have never done it before, and since it is faster and easier to do it off the hard drive, why bother.

If you can FTP to your xbox, send the emu that way, or if you cannot, simply use whatever dashboard you have to load up a file transfer program, and copy the emu files off of the dvd you have already made. (It does not have to be bootable, or in xIso format to transfer files from it)

I would suggest putting the emu on your xbox hd, the roms on a dvd stored in a "ROMS" folder. Then I would find and edit the ini and go to town.

Again, not all games work at full capacity, but I find some to be entirely playable, and well worth the time to figure out how to set up the emulator. It's not like is going to cost you anything more then a disk and some time.