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Default MSConfig t Startup win98

This could be a display adapter problem. Start windows in emergency mode safe mode in the US, remove the display adapter from device manager and restart normally. It should start up using standard VGA drivers and offer to install the display adapter that plug and play finds.

Pawel Dobrosielski wrote:
> HI
> I have a problem with Win98 SE startup. When running in normal mode, the
> system boots on the beginning quite normally, but never reaches the
> graphic mode, but instead it shuts down. In other words, just after the
> "Windows98 Startup..." screen it shows "Now you can safely...".
> Of course I can start the system in emergency mode or whatever its
> called in English. I dont thing its a classic virus since the system
> never reaches the graphic mode and explorer. Ive deleted everything
> from HKLM Run and RunOnce and also from the User registry keys. I was
> trying to figure the problem using msconfig, but the only effect is that
> when I "turn off" the System.ini file I the system hangs. When I turn
> it on again, I get automatic shutdown.
> Any ideas what I should check more? Shoud I dig into System.ini and
> check every line???
> In bootlog.txt I also get some errors about fonts, but not sure does it
> has anything to do with system.
> Thanks,
> Pawel