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Default Unable to copy files to make new backup

Hey everyone,

New to the forum, so hi . Just a quick issue. I have a CD for starcraft broodwar, and its very old and quite scratched from all the years of use. The recent patch of the game allows for use without the cd, without any sort of no-cd cracks/patches, but it requires to copy a 500+mb file called INSTALL.EXE from the cd. I am trying to do this but I keep getting a "cyclic redundancy check" error in Windows. I've used a few programs (CDcheck and it says that that sector of the cd is unreadable. The same program I used to try and recover it, and it went through all the unreadable sectors with the same error.

It should be noted that I can install and play the game perfectly, there is no error when installing the game (which uses INSTALL.exe by the way), but I cannot copy it through any other means. I am trying to backup this cd to better quality media but I can't until I find something to read these bad sectors.

I know there are utilities out there to help with this issue, and since it is late at night I won't do any in-depth searching. I am off of work tomorrow and will spend some time working on this issue. In the meantime, I am going to try to find other programs to do a software approach rather than hard-approach. If no programs can read it, I will try tooth paste/silver cleaner/bronze cleaner, or an actual CD cleaning kit(my brother has an unused one), and will post the results.

But in the meantime, does anyone have any recommendations? Or has anyone come across a similar situation (which I'm sure just about everyone has?).

I hope to get a response soon,

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