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Question Need help resetting my DVD writer driver/flash


I'm pretty good with computers but cd-drives are something I'm new to. Yesterday, I was trying to update my drivers for my DVD writer, that had originally had the name "[B]TSSTcorpDVD+-RW TS-L632DDE04[/B]" I looked for the right drivers, or BIN files, but at first could not find the right ones.. then I translated some german forum and thinking the guy was saying that I could use his drivers, I got a different BIN file (for a different cd-drive) and opened it in a Hex editor, and manually changed the name to "TSSTcorpDVD+-RW TS-L632DDE04" from whatever it was originally.

So after that, I ran Tsdnwin.exe (or SFDNWIN, either) and "tricked" it and it tried to update it. Restarted. Now it doesn't work. The PC says it can't recognize the drive and I can't uninstall the drivers and reinstall it. I tried updating the thing back with the new, RIGHT .Bin file, but I can't do it anymore. My computer currently says I have "DF5244N RFH076K" dvd drive.

I need to completely reset the drivers and flash it (or whatever you call it). I tried removing the CD drive, restarting, uninstalling the driver, then trying to set it up again. No luck.

Any ideas? I really need my DVD writer back!

Thanks a lot!