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Default How to Make Use of Apple iPad Big Screen?

Since the report in January 2010 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs for the new tablet computer named iPad to enjoy 9.7-inch LED-backlist glossy widescreen with 1024x768-pixel resolution, it is the right device under most discussions. It brings unbeatable experience to users with the touchscreen and widescreen. Here I would like to introduce you two ways to make use of the iPad big screen: playing games and [b]watching movies[/b].

[b]Play games[/b]
There are tons of apps for iPad on iTunes App Store. Thinking of the Need for Speed on computer, it is now available for iPad too. iPad version of [i]Need for Speed Shift[/i] has been improved with 18 exciting tracks, 28 cars, beautiful physics-based 3D graphics. The price is $14.99 USD. There are also other racing games for iPad with lower price like [i]Real Racing HD[/i] and [i]Asphalt 5[/i]. Actually I prefer Need for Speed Shift to enjoy the 3D graphics.

One game I should mention is SimCity, which is for city building. The small screen on iPhone made it hard to control the game, and the scene was not in detailed. The big screen on iPad comes as a good choice for playing games to see a lot more detail than iPhone and other portable devices.

[b]Watch movies[/b]
The iPad glossy widescreen makes it easy to enjoy videos in high-definition. Get movies and videos from iTune Store and you can watch the videos for 10 hours. However, the videos in iTunes Store may not satisfy all your needs, especially when you have some videos on iMac or camcorder. Before syncing videos to iPad, we shall bear in mind that iPad supports videos up to 720p (1280x720). The video formats could be mp4, m4v, avi (encoded with MJPEG).

For the mts, m2ts videos from AVCHD camcorder from JVC, Cannon, Sony; tod and mod videos from other camcorder, I would recommend you an easy video converter named [b]Moyea Video Converter for Mac[/b]. It works on iMac and converts your videos to iPad compatible MP4 format. Then you can sync the video to iPad via iTunes library.