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Default My dear CD-R's, R.I.P., guyz, r.i.p. :( :(

I tried to burn Psyvariar2, Ikaruga, Sakura Wars 4 and Soul Calibur.

Psyvariar 2 and Soul Calibur won't go any further as the screen 'Produced by or under license from...' and Psyvariar2 and Sakura Taisen4 always reset the console and bring me back to the 'boot manager' (start screen).

I wasted now over 10CD-R's and I'm really fu*** **, I tell ya!!
But, for example, the serial slave from marcus works, I even edited the IP.BIN file a lill' and added a dummy along with a .txt file the to disk (it loads now in seconds, 680Mb dummy, ya know). Or one of the other stuff- I even edited the DC internet browser's files to get access to some DC only scripts features (e.g. like a dancing baby on your TV (!), or a button which will let your vibration pack go crazy if ya click on it, etc.) and burned it. It works, too! So what the fu*k is wrong??

Does no one have a idea? I thought here are some of the good old DC burnin' proofs active in this Forum...


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