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Default Believe it or not!! I was just able to boot PSX backups w/DVD region-X Disc! On PS2!

I used this method on a PS2 ver4 with a Neo 2 that normally doesn't boot PSX backups, (They just won't boot up!) I have to use the 'knife trick with the GS2 ver1.9 // 2nd disc... but this method WILL allow you to boot the PSX backups WITH THE DVD region-X Disc without using the 'knife trick' they boot right up... (I believe it will only work on the version 4 PS2's, but you can try otherwise if you want.) What a time saver!

THIS is for those who, like me, can't get the PSX backups to boot normally just by dropping them into their system....

I'm always trying different boot methods and stubbled on this one.... (I thought I had a PS2 backup in the system BUT it was a PSX (PS1) backup instead, SURPRISE!!)) Great news!.......

<<<<<This of course is a PS2 boot method that you can use for 80min PS2 backups you normally get the BLACK SCREEN with after trying to boot.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (You might have seen this before but guess what?!)

Neo 2.2 and GS2/AR2 v1.9/DVD Region-X BOOTING Problems SOLVED!! For the most part...

I had heard about a new boot method for the 80min DVDrip backups for the PS2 the other day but today a friend was able to show it to me so I could understand what was going on and now you know...

Just do this....(Make sure PS2 is STANDING UP!)

Load up the GS2/AR2 v1.9 or DVD region-X disc. (For the ver4 PS2!)
Press the "Reset Button" and hold it while it goes into the PS2, the button will turn "red".
Now let it sit for 5 seconds and then press the "Reset button" again and HOLD it down.
Now wait 'til the logo screen comes up, the "PlayStation 2" screen! (You will hear a noise as it comes up! NOT THE 1st SONY screen!) At that moment LET GO of the "Reset button".
The disc will come out but DO NOT take it out!! (It will be spinning!)
Let it GO BACK INTO the system and it will load.
Now you can take your time and change out the disc for the backup, a normal backup boot method. You know the routine!
Just remember that when you hit "Eject" for the backup to go in the PS2 that you must click the "X" key on the GS2/AR2 at the time the disc is going in the system. The timing there is important. You hit
"Eject" and the "X" key right after one another.
Or the "Start" key on the DVD region-X disc the same way!

There you have it. I got "GT Concept" to boot which I've never had been able to do before and a few others like "WipeOut Fusion" also with NO problems. Give it a try and see what happens.

With the CDrom and small DVDrip backups you can use the EA or regular boot methods the way you like. I was told that this new method boots ALL backups but a few I couldn't get to but it is a BIG step in the right direction for those who have had alot of prblems like me... Take care and ENJOY!!