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I have found that booting from floppy without the PCI card and no hard drives connected to the motherboard also cause the CD-ROM transfer speed to MAX out around 19X. It looks like there is some kind of bug or quark in the Award V4.51PG BIOS that occurs only when on hard drives are connected to the on-board IDE ports. I tried every BIOS setting I could think of but nothing helped. So, at this point I have the following options:

1. Used the PCI IDE card for the hard drive & CD-ROM drive. This seems to work but was limitations: can't boot from CD, can't use for windows install, and Nero CD Speed locks up.

2. Used the PCI IDE card for the main hard drive, SEC MB IDE for CD-ROM drives, PRI MB IDE for second old hard drive. The second is used to "trick" the bIOS into working correctly and could also be used for data backup. The downside is older hard drives seem to a bit noisier. Does any board know how to spin down just one drive on a system?

3. Connect the Hard drive to the PRI MB IDE and CD-ROM drives to SEC MB IDE. The downside of this config is the HD transfer speed:

PIC IDE: 22.8MB/S ------ 15MB/S
MB IDE: 13.3MB/S ------- 11.7M/S