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Default best solution to convert MTS to lossless AVI, MPEG for After Effects and Premiere Pro

The best solution to convert MTS to lossless AVI, MPEG for After Effects and Premiere Pro
(1.Converter mts to mp4 for After Effects and Premiere
2.Converter mts to lossless avi for After Effects and Premiere

As we know, Adobe PremierePro 2.0 based upon Macintosh and Windows (platform) is fabulous non-linear editing software. It is integrated heavily with Adobe After Effects, an industry-standard for motion graphics and compositing. With it, people can edit any videos such as HD, SD and DV in real time. But, recently, I’ve often met such a question asked by many users online like “I have dozens of MTS files that I'd like to import them to [b]After Effects[/b] nor [b]Premiere[/b] for editing, but it is impossible.” What’s up? It turned out to be that .MTS is a weird video format which can not directly read by most editing software or media players. Owing to obsolete version of Premiere those people used or incorrect OS, they can not import .MTS to Premiere any longer. To help these people out, I've tried every means to look for a really effective way. Accordingly, hereby I can wait to share this good news with you. This article will focus on this problem…

The best solution I found is to use [b]Moyea MTS Converter[/b]. As Premiere Pro is compatible with MPEG, this converter will definitely help convert MTS to MPEG, MPG and AVI. The below easy step-by-step guide will show you how to realize your dream.

[b]Step one[/b], download and run this program, then the following picture will pop up.
[b]Moyea MTS Converter[/b] designed for AVCHD digital camcorder users to edit and convert AVCHD videos (mts, m2ts files) derived from Canon HF S11 or HF 21. After conversion, people can make the recorded MTS videos playback on their beloved portable players like iPod, iPhone, PSP, Xbox, Zune, Cell Phone, Apple TV and on the go.

[b]Step two[/b], load your MTS files exported from you HD Camcorder by hitting "[b]Add[/b]" icon or dragging them directly to this program, specify the output video/audio format like Xvid (*.avi) using drop-down list of "[b]Format[/b]", then the pop-up picture will shown as below:

[b]Step three[/b], if you want to combine batches of MTS files into single file for conversion, you can tick the check box "[b]Merge into one file[/b]". Or you can directly define your own destination folder by "[b]Open[/b]" button or by default.
[b]Step Four[/b], launch "[b]Start[/b]" button to start the conversion.


To sum up, the above-mentioned conversion is very easy, fast and nimble.
After conversion, you can freely drag the converted MTS files to Adobe Promiere for editing.

[b]Additional info[/b]:
[b]Moyea MTS Converter[/b] features built-in multi-thread encoding technology, which speeds up the conversion speed than ever. It is estimated that you can save at least half time to convert a MTS video with similar software.

This program utilizes unique audio and video sync tech, which can completely eliminate the audio and video stutter or out of sync issues and further guarantee the output video and audio quality.

Its built-in codec won’t install any codec on your computer in order to avoid unexpected codec problem.

In terms of its powerful editing function, for instance, the "[b]Watermark[/b]" function enables users to add different watermark types, including text, image (including GIF), and video watermark, so as to realize “PIP” effect or your video.

Hope you guys will enjoy your MTS files in Premiere Pro leisurely