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gotta agree with are the mutts nuts!

ricoh mp7083a 8x8x32..had it about 9 months, it's a top notch burner!!..compatible with cdrecord, nero, dj, cdrwin, blindread/write, clonecd and burns most stuff...dc, pc, psx, audio, vcd, etc. without too much trouble....before that i had a ricoh mp7060a 6x4x24..lasted about 14 months then died, just out of own fault's not a good idea to burn after the other using said burner to both read and write! (only got a 4gig hdd)...thewy tend to get very hot!..but it did write atleast 1100cdr!..(<<m4d4it<< ;-).many of which (200 aprox) were coasters, but in most cases down to f**kups on my part and not the burner itself!

i guess that most writers will burn most stuff....u may have to mess about but there's allways a way round a problem!