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Default Have I been had ? (RITEK / SONY DVD'rs)

This week I ordered 100 infiniti 2x Dvdr's (Ritek Dye) from a UK website. When they arrived I checked the disc ID I was surprised to find that they were 'Sony' (although the delivery note that came with them also stated 'RITEK'. Checking back to the website they had changed the description of the discs to 'SONY' !
Not too happy I called the websites customer services and they told me that although the ID of the discs were 'SONY', the dye was actually 'RITEK' as 'SONY' had been in partnership with Ritek to create these discs. This being the case I asked why they had changed the description on the website to 'Sony'. I was told that this was because they had received a new batch of discs that were NOT Ritek anymore but actually SONY !
So according to customer services both the ID's for these discs would both give 'Sony' although my discs are actually Ritek and the new batch are SOny !

Incidentally, the colour of my discs look nothing like the deep purple of any Riteks Ive ever seen and on burning a few I have found them to be of inferior quality to any Ritek discs I have ever used (freezing / skipping towards end of discs)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this transaction ? Ever heard of this partnership between SONY and RITEK.

Basically the website are refusing to refund me on the basis that I have been sent what I ordered.
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