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Default The confrontation between Apple and Adobe—HTML5 and flash

Apple is now building HTML5 to against Adobe, especially on its Flash. which it charged reasonable prices and built cross platform products and the people rejoiced and Adobe’s death was spared and it lived comfortably for many days next to Apple.

[b]What are the reasons behind the confrontation?[/b]

Generally, this confrontation is about Apple and Google, not even Apple vs Adobe. Google is the owner of Adobe, and the two are very antagonists. On one hand, Apple wants to dominate the multimedia world by offering protective and restricted products. On the other hand, Google is in favor of multi-platform and open standards.

When knowing this, it is easy to see where Apple's grudge is coming from: Google/Adobe is threatening Apple's multimedia domination by offering a free platform, on which anyone can develop and freely share content.

I'm not meaning that Google/Adobe is without fault: They stabbed Apple in the back when they started their own product line (including Android), but they are now paying a very high price for that.

[b]What is the advantage of HTML5 over flash?[/b]

There is no obvious answer at present. As far as I know, HTML 5 is slower than flash for load time but it seems to be a faster streaming speed than flash.

I guess for those who have an IPAD currently HTML5 is great due to the lack of flash support. HTML5 will be a competitior to the flash market but i dont think it will be as good untill full deployment happens.

The main advantages of flash. It seems to be slightly less CPU usage but less is still good. I would say that they are good at what they do.I can't see an overall winner as HTML5 hasn’t been around long enough.

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