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Default Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

You can't reset laptop bios passwords by removing the battery.

It's a safety feature against loss or theft.

I'm assuming this is legit, anyway,

Try the Toshiba backdoor password that techs use, it's toshiba.

Or try bypassing it by holding down the left shift key as it's booting.

If that fails, try the program KeyDisk. Use a search engine for download locations. It's simple to use.

As a last resort, try a dongle or loopback.

You can make a loopback by using a 25 pin parallel connector (db25).

Then you need to connect the following pins:

1-5-10, 2-11, 3-17, 4-12, 6-16, 7-13, 8-14, 9-15, 18-25

That should remove the password when you boot.
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