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Umm. I wouldn't recommend either the Bulqpaq or Datawrite labels to anyone. I have seen more complaints about these labels than Princo discs. The problem isn't that they are all bad, the problem is that with the Bulqpaq/Datawrite labels is that you never know what you are going to end up with. You could end up with a couple of batches of great discs or you could end up with a batch or two of discs that are complete garbage. There are a number of other possible combinations with these labels. Bottom line is that you are taking a gamble with each batch you order. Right with that said, most here will agree that the best discs for you to get would be the Unbranded Ritek/Ridata or Traxdata discs, they carry the G03 or G04 Ritek dyes (G03=1x/2x on some burners and G04=4x) and they are all excellent in terms of compatibility and quality. Just steer clear of those supposed "Ritek" discs that carry the Bulqpaq/Datawrite labels as they are of a lower quality. Check out [url][/url]
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