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Hi there,

It will be awhile before they drop the price seeing has how they just came out with it.

I guess it all depends on how bad you want one and how long you want to wait to get one.

I personally would buy the 750mb one. It would be awhile before you would upgrade. And depending on your needs you can just buy more of the the 250 or even the 100mb disks until the prices drop on the 750mb disks.

I have a 250mb drive and I have about 20 250mb disks that I use just for archiving family pictures, and important info like taxes, wills, birth records ect .

I have about 150 100mb disks that I use for other various things, software I download, favorites, psp tubes, psp brishes, ect.

If I bought a 750mb drive I would just rotate everything up one.
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