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Well, assuming you have a modded PS2 (chip or swap magic), then what you need to do is make an Image copy of the PS2. One of the best and easiest programs to use is DVDDecrypter:


Once you have that running, insert the PS2 game in your DVD-R drive. Select MODE > ISO > READ.

Then select the destination folder on your harddrive. Now, simply hit run.

The program will read the game data and back it up to the folder you specified on your harddrive.

Once it is done, eject the PS2 game and insert a blank DVD-R disc. Now, select MODE > ISO > WRITE.

Select the ISO file (not the MDS file if you created one) from the folder that you just backed the game data to. Next, select your write speed. This part can be critical depending on your PS2, type of mod, etc. It’s best to do a 1x write to the disc. I’ve had many games not function properly at write speeds above 1x, and depending on your system, it doesn’t take that much longer to burn at 1x as opposed to “Max” speed”. In fact, I haven’t really noticed a difference.

Now hit run, and it will burn your game. Once it’s done you’re ready to play.