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Default Forum Rules

Since there is no active mod yet, we need some rules so here are just some that I made for this forum, please follow as much as you can. regard, thanks -

Rules of the Forum
Non-allowed Content
Posts on or requests for, links to or images of: ****, cracks , hacks, serials, key-generators, information on creating viruses , worms and trojans are not allowed.

No Spam, If you are a provider or goods or services take great care posting links or references to your site. Blatant advertising will not be tolerated.

Off-topic Posts
There are plenty of forums to choose from so please keep your posts appropriate to the forum you are posting in. We have Ye Olde Inn for general chit chat and a Gamers Lounge for all your gaming exploits and clan discussions. Posts that belong in a different forum may be moved. Totally off-topic posts will be closed or deleted.

Buy, Sell, Trade
This is not a buy, sell, trade forum, so requests to purchase and offers to sell etc are totally off topic. For these activities try our sister site [url]www.**********.com[/url]

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if yours differs from someone else then you can post a counter-argument, however personal attacks and insults are not on. Threads looking like they will escalate into flame wars will be closed. Posts of the kind ‘your computer system, sporting team, country, O/S … sucks because I like another one’ will be euthanased on the spot. Racial, religious or ****** vilification is not allowed, whether it is directed to a member or is commentary in general.

Closed Threads
Threads are closed by a Moderator when they have decided that no further discussion should be allowed. Restarting a thread on a closed topic will result in a suspension.

Adult Content
This is an all ages forum, if it’s not suitable for our younger members to read then do not post it.

Suspensions and Bans
Breach of the rules may result in Suspensions or Bans. Suspensions are normally set for one week, during which time the member may not post to any of the forums. When the suspension is lifted the member’s previous status will be reinstated. Suspensions are made for very good reasons, if you are suspended then check the rules. Bans are imposed for flagrant or repeated breach of the rules. Flaming Mods for being suspended is a sure fire way to get banned.

Have fun
This forum is here to provide a community for members to find technical help but also to relax and have fun, so enjoy!