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Default how to burn PS2 games using nero step by step for everyone !!!

Originally Posted by thadude View Post
Hello everybody..

I'm from denmark, so my english isn't as good as everybody else's in here... But I hope you guys understand it anyways.. =)

My problem is quite simple, I need to know HOW to burn a ps2 game down to a cd ( A ps2 game that I have just downloaded, not a copy of a game I'm having on a disc )..

I'm currently using Nero, but sure I can download another burningprogram, if it's neccescary..

I wanna' know:
- Which files to burn down, after extracting them.
- How to burn it in nero? ( Data cd, music disc, boot disk. etc. )

And it must be it =)

Try this link ***********
is writing everithing well ...
I hope will help you