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My opinions from pretty good experience with these:

[b]WinME:[/b] Don't bother, stay well clear, it's not worth the price of the disk it comes on

[b]Win98:[/b] I used this for a long while and eventually got used to the resets every few hours and reinstalls every month or two and general instability. Great for compatibility of progs & games though.

[b]Win2000:[/b] Very stable but not as compatible as 98 with games. This was my choice between 98 and 2000 until I got XP....

[b]WindowsXP:[/b] I was as sceptical as the next man when this came out but I have to say its well worth the money. If you like all the nice gfx then fair enough but I use the standard theme and have never got into all the pretty icons and everything. The big point is the stability - it's based on the Win2000 kernal and builds on its stability. My machine has sometimes gone weeks and weeks without a reboot and it still performed as well as though I'd just turned it on. Also, once you've installed it, its unlikely that you'll need to reinstall due to random errors like Windows 98 has a habit of doing.

The minor niggle is the compatibility but its catching up fast with new driver releases and things like that. There is a compatibility checker that can be run before installing to tell you if everything is fine. Even if not, you may need to use a couple of 'unsigned' drivers but I've been doing that with no probs.

Overall, I'd definitely say XP