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Default DC FAQ

================================================== ========================================
===============[b] WELCOME[/b]=============================================
==================[b] TO THE[/b]=============================================
==============[b] NEW DC FAQ[/b]=============================================

[b]First i'd like to start off by telling you that if this is your first time here, there are a few things you should know:[/b]

[b]1)[/b]you [b]can not[/b] copy [b]original[/b] dreamcast games just by putting them in your cdrom and trying to copy them to your hard drive.

what you will get is three text files which mean nothing.

[b]2)[/b]you [b]can not[/b] use discjuggler, blindread,nero,hot burn,clone cd, or any other [b]burning software[/b] to copy dreamcast originals.

what you get are shinny name brand coasters that don't last long once exposed to heat or moister.or mini frisbees.

[b]3)[/b]there are currently only 3 ways to rip or back up dreamcast games. and they are:

a)the broad band adapter method of ripping the game. requires connecting the dc to your pc through the broadband adapter and knowledge of downsampling audio,fmv among other things.

b)the pc to serial cable. requires connecting the dc to your pc through the serial cable. long and lengthy but in the end you need the same knowledge of downsampling audio and fmv as mentioned above.

3)downloading the game files from the net and then burning them.[b](don't ask where!)[/b]

anyone who has told you that ripping the dc was as easy as the playstation was just lying to you! [b]TRUST US! WE'VE DONE OUR HOMEWORK![/b]

There are a number of wayS to burn dc games, since you are new i will give you the basics in short.
[i]***NOTE***[/i] [b]i myself,[/b] have no idea how to use the broadband adapter or pc serail link to rip dc games. i beleive that it is just far more easy to download them and burn. i have [b]absolutely no[/b] intrest in ripping.

[b]programs you will need:[/b]

discjuggler ver.3(or later)
the echelon selfboot tutorial
fire burner
boot disc image (i recomend that you start with this)
[URL=***********]you can find all of these here(except discjuggler found [URL=***********]here)
And Autodummy 1.1beta3 [URL=********]here
[b]you will also need the latest aspi drivers updates for your burner.[/b]
[URL=***********]===>update here<=== or use the [URL=********]===> jinxter generic driver <===

fisrt things first: download the dc g*me files(i can't tell you where but use your favorite search engine to start or our [URL=***********]iso folder.

the g*mes are in 19mb files except the last file of the game which can be any size under 19mb...some files are even smaller but the rule of thumb is that the last file that you need will be smaller. if you find a g#me that you want to download and aren't sure how many files you need then check here: [URL=***********]iso news search for the game name and the nfo files will tell you who ripped the games and how many files there should be.

once you have all of the game files then it's time to unrar them using winrar. open winrar and got to the folder that you downloaded the game siles in using winrars drop down bar and select all of the click on extract. winrar will ask for the destination to extract the games files to(i recomend creating a seperate folder to extract to) the game files will either extract in [b]bin and cue[/b] form or in [b]cdi[/b] form.

to burn bin and cue files you would start up cdrwin and select the record disc option,click on load cue sheet and select the cue file that you extracted. burn at 4x or lower to assure you won't get a coaster.[b](this game will require a boot disc unless you use the echelon selfboot tutorial to amke it selfboot or bin2boot)[/b]

if winrar extracts a [b]cdi[/b]: then this is by far the easiest to burn. open disc juggler and select cdimage to cd recorder.
there is two cd's in the following window, your recorder should show up in the address line of the second and in the top on should be on the top cd(icon of a cd on a peice of paper) and select the cdi from the folder you extracted it to.the only settings you need to change would be the write speed (the cdi tells dj the other settings neded for the burn) burn a 4x or lower to insure a proper burn..... wait till the disc pops out and then play.

[b]Pics and and guide provided by :[/b]

[URL=********]<==== click here for more information on unraring DC g*me files====>

[URL=********]<====click here for information on raring up cdi's of bin and cue files using winrar ====>

[URL=********]<====click here for a guide to using newsgroups with powerpost 2000 as the example====>
if you have problems using disc juggler, you can use [URL=********][b]cdi2nero[/b] to conver the cdi to an nrg that nero can burn.

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