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provided by: [b]VEL[/b]
==========[b]START BUTTON GREYED-OUT[/b]===========
==========[b]ON DISCJUGGLER VER 3[/b]========

There appears to be a general problem with the start button being [b]"greyd-out"[/b] in discjuggler ver3. here is [b]VEL'S[/b] solution around that problem.::

Originally posted by vel:
[b]Howabout for people saying they have general problems with the start button in Dj3 not popping, you write in what i have told people time and time again that seems to somehow work, especially for those with hp8250i writers: Install nero, then cdrwin, then DJ. That usually works.[/b]

thnx [b]vel[/b] for your contribution!