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Default How to Copy DVD, Rip DVD, Convert Video on Mac

Many friends want to share their home-make DVDs and their DVD movies with others and also they always feel difficult to do that. Today I will share you a really easy way to Copy DVD to another DVD disc, DVD image ISO, or a DVD folder. Also I will also introduce you how to rip DVD and convert videos on Mac.

[b]Part 1: How to copy a DVD to another DVD disc/DVD image ISO/DVD folder on Mac[/b]
[b]Step 1: DVD Copy for Mac. [/b]
To copy a DVD on Mac, you need a DVD Copy for Mac to help you. [b]Aiseesoft [img]***********[/img]DVD Copy for Mac[/b] is a good choice.


[b]Step 2: Load Your Source[/b]
This excellent DVD copy for Mac allows you to load DVD folder and DVD image ISO.

[b]Step 3: Choose Output Info[/b]
1. “Full Disc” or “Main Movie”
This DVD copy for Mac enables you to copy the full disc and also the main movie according to your need.

2. “Audio”, “Subtitle” and “Volume” name
You can choose your output audio from the “Audio” drop-down list, such as “all audio”/ “None”/ or some audio the DVD provide.

Subtitle is always an important thing, you can choose your output subtitle in “Subtitle” drop-down list.

You can also name your output volume's name

[b]Step 4: Choose Your Target[/b]
You can copy your DVD to another DVD disc, DVD folder or DVD image ISO.

[b]Tips: [/b]
1. You can also choose to copy the menus or not.
2. All the info you choose will be dispalyed on the “Info Box”.

[b]Part 2: How to rip DVD to video formats on Mac[/b]

[b]Step 1: Download Aiseesoft [img]***********[/img]DVD Ripper for Mac[/b]

[b]Step 2. Load DVD[/b]
Insert DVD into your DVD-ROM, run DVD Ripper for Mac, click “Load DVD”, find the DVD folder of the movie you want to add from your DVD-ROM, and Click “Open”.


[b]Step 3. Set output format. [/b]
This best DVD ripper for Mac provides you output formats as many as you want. Just choose one from the drop down list “profile” according to your portable player.

[b]Step 4: Conversion[/b]
You can just Click “Start” to begin your conversion.

[b]Part 3: How to Convert Video files on Mac[/b]

[b]Step 1: Download Aiseesoft [img]***********[/img]Video Converter for Mac[/b]


[b]Step 2: Load video[/b]
Easily click “Add File” to load your video that you want to convert.

[b]Step 3: Choose output profile and settings[/b]
At the bottom of the interface there are a drop-download list named “profile”. You can choose your output format here.

[b]1. Trim[/b]
If you want to pick up a part of the video to convert, please click “Trim” button and drag the “Start trim slider” to set the start time and “End trim slider” to set the end time. (a) You can also do that by clicking the “Start trim button” and “End trim button” (b). The third way you do that is set the exact Start/End time at the right of the pop-up window and click “OK”.(c)


[b]2. Crop[/b]
If you want to remove the black edges or you want to convert a certain area of your video, please click the “Crop” button. You can do this either by drag the frame around the movie (a) or set the crop value: “Top, Left, Bottom, Right”.(b). Another way to do that is choose models from “Crop Mode”(c).
Aiseesoft Video Converter for Mac also allows you to chose the output aspect ratio above the crop pane, “Keep Original, full screen, 16:9 and 4:3” are available.


[b]3. Effect[/b]
If you want to adjust the effect of your movie, please click the “Effect” button and a pop-up effect window will appear. It allows you to edit your movie’s effect including “Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation and Volume”.