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[i]Originally posted by jasev [/i]
[B]load windows and save what you need then reboot and use a startup or boot disk and at the a: prompt type fdisk then delete all partitions and redo as single drive or make your partitions and set partition 1 active,reload windows and thats really the only way your going to do this as NT is built on a ntfs foundation and windows 95,98,me is built on a dos foundation so there's no way to fully repair a cancelled install as you'll always get things going wrong.
hope it helps.
ps i'm very tired at the moment so if misunderstood the problem please disregaurd the above. [/B]
Cant see that working it doesent work for win 2000, I couldnt get it to delete an ntfs partition anyway!. The way I solved a similar problem was use partition magic to delete the ntfs partion you could use another pogram.

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