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[i]Originally posted by TT69US [/i]
[B]That's really a good idea m8...but how can we update the latest version of both progy (dvd2one & dvd decrypter)? when it becomes available...

Thanks [/B]
well.. updateing dvd2one and dvd decrypter will have to be done by their respective websites owners. dvd2one click! does not in any way emmbed any software to it, so you are free to update the dvd backup software as you please.

if there ever is an update for dvd2one or dvd decrypter all the user has to do to get dvd2one click! to work is reconfiger it, i dont think that an update to dvd2one click! will be nessessary.
but if it is then their will be since this software is made because i was tired of getting up every 30 mins to open programs manualy at 4 in the morrning.