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[i]Originally posted by sagito [/i]
[B]@ps2daddy - thanks for the info! I am a little confused on your explanation of the procedure though: Using toast 5 - I selected CD IMAGE from the dropdown list, I then selected the DOA3CD.ISO file from the browser window and clicked OPEN. I then burn to CDRW at 2x. It works fine except a litle skipping in the FMV and long load times. BUT When I selected DVD from the dropdown menu and opened the DOA3CD.ISO file in the browser and burned to DVD-R, it didn't work. I was wondering if you can select the DISK IMAGE option even though you would have a blank DVD-R in the drive instead of a CD-R or RW... Also - are you saying that you have come across some releases that are ISO that Toast 5 doesn't recognize as a valid disk image? I have not seen any yet... Again, thanks for all the great info!! :-) [/B]
That iso image is for a cd you cant make it work for a dvd.

Older versions of toast wont read pc isos

You have to find a dvd image to make a dvd-r game a cd image will not write in the correct format on a dvd-r