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If this is an original DVD:
You might also be able to use IFOEdit to strip some excess stream and reduce overall size without reencoding.

If this is the ripped size:
Use a program like Chopper XP to cut some credits off the end.

Get a handle on CCE. I used to spend more time asking questions, and trying to get around encoding than it actually took to reencode with CCE. Usually only a little over an hour to an hour and a half, so I no longer waste the time.

And Yes, you can reencode the last VOB, by demuxing it just like you would the whole movie, and reencoding the m2v, then remuxing it back together. You'll still need to use IFOEdit to "Get VTS Sectors" afterward.

I prefer to just reencode the whole thing, or chop some credits, so the quality is consistant throughout the movie.