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Default new to xbox modding

hi guys i bought a modded xbox off ebay awhile ago, never really touched it

now i feel like upgrading to 200gb

but this site "********" it says xbox system itself can't acknowledge anything higher then 130gb size, is this true?

also i don't know how to upgrade

i tried following this tute "***********"

but i can't get it to work

the evox.ini i edited it i think its ok, but not sure
my evox XBE seems to be already called default.xbe

(i found the two files within one of the evo folers on my xbox) i have two evo apps installed on my xbox (amongst others)

i have no idea what i'm doing, but i already made a backup of 'drive C and E' and a backup folder using evolution options

made a xiso and burnt it with nero on a lite-on cr=rw although for some reason once burnting i can't view the files on it (if i burn it should i burn using iso image option)?

can someone help me?