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mmm, i dont think i can help you :-(. i just dont think there is a way in your case. you say x-port can load files to mc??? or just "x-port"??? there is a program called n-port, but i think you need to have atleast mcloader on the mc previously. My only suggestion is to download what i posted, burn it out, and load it on another ps2 :-(.

i didnt know v9 couldnt do that, it might not be able to do the ps1drv exploit either...i really dont think it could. However, it still might, so your best bet would be to try another ps2.

if your feeling "ballzy", you could try to do the normal gs2 swap method, like get to screen where it says press x to continue or square to go back, and forcefully stop the dvd and replace it with your cdr :/. i dont think it could harm anything since they actually sell devices that do this for you, however i could be wrong.

find a friend with a older ps2, that is your best shot. Then again, the exploit might not work at all, i havent heard of anyone trying it yet with a v9 console.

i'll post back if i hear something.