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Default Sony LISSA system software

I saw a few threads on this forum from 2002 from qxe900:




about this software.

I also have the Ver1.0E software but the same problem that I cant get it to run in Win XP. This is because it is Win98/2k software

I have tried MS Virtual PC and Sun Virtual Box to run both Win98SE and Win2k in, but still no joy.

I have built up a spare PC with 98SE in and no good the software still did not recognise the components . I installed Win2kPro, and this did recognise the the three devices, but with a yellow ! mark.
It see them as Microsoft DV Camera and VCR, so followed the instructions:

Double-click [Microsoft DV Camera and VCR], click the [Driver] tab
in the "Properties" window, and then click [Update Driver] to update the driver.
4. Select [Sony i.LINK device (xxx-LSA1)] (xxx, indicated as MDS, CDP or STR,
is the model name of the LISSA-series component) in the window as the driver

but still no good

Does any one else have this system? and been able to get it to work?

Or better still does anyone have the mystical Ver2.0 software?