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Lightbulb "dvd2one Click" (new interface proggie)

hey everyone,
Just to let everyone using dvd2one know that im developing a "one click" solution to dvd2one backing up.

im making a program that once setup will allow either a one click full backup or a one click movie only backup of a retail dvd.

this program will be usfull for those that like to burn movies late at night and dont want to be wakeing up every 30 mins to rip, then transcode, then burn again. this program will take care of all of that for you(when setup correctly).

dvd2one click is a GUI ONLY, and does not emmbed dvd2one or any other software into it.

tools (software) needed for dvd2one click to work:

- dvddecrypter
- dvd2one
- nero or other burning software
- and another freeware tool i will list later.

please give me some feedback on what you guys think, i would like to know if this is a good idea or not.