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Unhappy Weird program installation problem [; ; win2KPro]

Ok I'm trying to install Dev-C++ 4.0 on my computer running Windows 2000 Pro. I have downloaded it from sourceforge and unpacked the .zip I got then ran the setup.exe in the folder I extracted it all to. I then went through the installation process setting it up to install to C:\Program Files\Dev-C++\ on my pc but when it tries to install the files there the problem occurs.

What happens is right when it starts to installs I get an error stating that it can not copy files to that location and asks me to chech the access rights. I then goto check it out first looking at C:\Program Files\C-Dev++\'s permissions and it checks out ok. I then check out C:\Program Files\'s permissions and notice that read-only is switched on.

I then toggle read-only off for that folder only and not recursively. I then check the permissions again to see if it stuck and find that read-only has switched itself back on me again.

I then check up on the C:\Program Files\Dev-C++\ folder to see what all made it to there just to see that only the basic directory structers were made along with 2 files in the base of that folder.

I have also downloaded the setup files again from another mirror on sourceforge to try incase the previous one may have been tainted but arrive with the same problem. What I am wondering is if anyone would happen to know whether or not C:\Program Files\ should have and maintain it's read-only permission as well as anything else I may attempt to resolve this problem.

Update: Just found out some info that may be of some help. I checked out the properties of the setup.exe and it is InstallShield It may or may not make a difference, I'm not sure.

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